Construction Services

ADA Compliance Team (ACT) has a network of qualified contractors for your Compliance Construction

Construction Services

After your survey is completed, you are aware of each modification that needs to be implemented to achieve ADA accessibility compliance.

To begin the physical improvement phase of your ADA "compliance plan," skilled and knowledgeable contractors are needed. ADA Compliance Team (ACT) has assembled such a network of construction specialists to meet your needs and save you this time consuming step.

ADA Compliance Team (ACT), experts in ADA Law and Regulations, researches and evaluates these contractors for their knowledge of the ADA laws and specifications. That is the only way we can recommend them to properly complete the improvements needed!

All work performed by these contractors is subject to a post-completion inspection.

We will physically inspect the work performed by our team members to insure compliance with the ADA laws and regulations as well as local building codes.

ADA Compliance Team wants you to rest assured our network of qualified contractors will do the work that meets your specifications, the strict requirements of ADA compliance/accessibility, and the necessary, exacting building codes.

This is one more way ADA Compliance Team advocates for businesses, by making sure your work is done completely and properly!

May we help you now by recommending a Qualified Contractor who is knowledgeable in ADA compliance/accessibility requirements?

Contact us for recommendations for ADA Qualified Contractors for your project

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