Frequently Asked Questions

Get Important Answers to Common Questions from ADA Compliance Team (ACT), experts in ADA Law, experienced in ADA Construction requirements, and staunch advocates for business and property owners.
1What’s the minimum I have to do to get in compliance with ADA?
That depends entirely on the current level of your particular property’s compliance with ADA.
2How much does it cost to obtain compliance?
Each property is unique and therefore needs to be surveyed, along with a complete site evaluation being completed prior to issuing a “cost to cure” or cost of compliance.
3Can I really be sued if I don’t do anything to my existing property?
4What if I am only a tenant am I still liable?
5Once I have a site survey completed, does that get me “off the hook” with the ADA for a potential lawsuit?
Although it is a start and physical proof that you have addressed the ADA issues, there are many more steps necessary to compliance. The best “plan” is to have the survey completed, a list of non-compliant areas to be upgraded, and a timetable of implementation.
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