Site Survey

A site survey is the physical inspection by ADA Experts to tell you where you stand today and what you need to do tomorrow to become ADA compliant.

An Expert Site Survey by ADA Compliance Team

Your next step to ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance Team (ACT) is ready now to deploy a team of professionals to perform your survey.

This will start with:
  • An on-site visit to your location
  • Taking numerous photographs
  • Comprehensive measurements

After this evaluation is complete, we then compile an ADA Property Profile of those areas where your facilities indicate compliance or non-compliance.

A Chinese proverb says,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

The same is true of ADA compliance activities. The first step is to order a site survey and find out exactly what is out of compliance on your existing property.

To order a comprehensive, written evaluation:

Phone: 760-940-6106

Or, simply complete the short form below. One of our courteous, professional, ACT - ADA Compliance Team members will contact you.

Interested in what an ADA Property Profile looks like?

Look at this sample for an idea of the comprehensive nature of our efforts to ensure your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We also provide you with resources for locating contractors capable of doing ADA compliance work.


A Property Profile Shows Intent


With the average lawsuit hovering around $72,000, and the average out of court settlement near $30,000... the cost of obtaining a site survey by trained professionals (in many cases, for less than $1,100*) seems like low cost insurance.

*The fee for a property requiring at least one (1) handicapped parking stall, one (1) decal, one (1) van accessible sign, one (1) directional sign, one (1) curb ramp, one (1) offsite path of travel, and one (1) on-site path of travel... typically averages between $1,100 to $1,500. Fee is subject to change.


With your ADA Compliance Team Site Survey, you will learn exactly where you stand and be given recommendations for ADA Compliance!

What’s after the Site Survey?

The final step is to have any necessary compliance construction work done by a professional, licensed contracting company that understands ADA compliance requirements.
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