Transition Plans

Transition Plans by ADA Compliance Team (ACT), the foremost experts in ADA law and construction, protect your property and business, and bring them into ADA Compliance with three easy steps!

Transition Plans: 3-Steps to ADA Compliance

Step 1: Identify

The first step is to identify the real and potential barriers that can block or reduce access for customers, and any and all disabled visitors and employees. In addition, provide greater access for management, and employees in their work performance and duties. Plus, increase the overall quality of the environment.

This is accomplished by a obtaining a thorough ADA Site Survey and Report.


Step 2: Organize

The second step is the development of the Formal Transition Plan.

A Formal Transition Plan organizes and prioritizes the identified barriers and restrictions. During the Formal Transition Plan creation, specialized trade cost estimates, multiple design ideas, alternatives, and combinations of different approaches are collected. Once all of the specialty trade contractors have submitted their respective bids with their varying solutions, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. sits down with its team and reviews them all. They take into account factors such as cost, time frames, feasibility, inconvenience factor(s), schedules, design options / alternatives, etc.

Once ADA Compliance Team, Inc. has completed its review, it chooses the “best fit” and selects those contractors for the implementation of their compliance solutions. At this point, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. compiles a Final Transition Plan and presents a budget and a corresponding timeline for completion.

Step 3: Implement

With the Final Transition Plan completed, the contractors selected, the Scopes of Work detailed, and the timeline for completion set, the ADA Compliance Team, Inc. will begin coordinating the project(s). This comprehensive service includes managing the scheduling, reviewing the work and progress, and reporting to the owners.

Should there be a need for any “additional” modifications, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. will meet (on-site) with the specialty trade sub-contractors, inspect the situation, discuss options, then, if necessary, report the suggested “changes requested” to the owner(s).

Once the changes have been approved, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. will notify the contractors, authorizing them to complete the modifications and get back on schedule to complete the project.

Once the project is complete, ADA Compliance Team, Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection of all work completed and file a report of completion with the owner(s).

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