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Understand Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from enjoying everyday activities. It offers protection for the sight-impaired, hearing-impaired, and wheelchair bound to name a few.

If the business you own, lease or represent serves the public, then the ADA applies to you and you have obligations for existing facilities. You are also responsible for ADA compliance when a facility is altered or a new facility is constructed.

IMPORTANT: Existing facilities are not exempted by the "grandfather provisions" often used by building code officials.

ADA Compliance Team is an advocate for businesses and public accommodation facilities and we feel a duty to alert decision makers and those responsible to the potential fines and litigation that could easily be presented to you.

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Nearly all types of private businesses that serve the public are included in the categories, regardless of size.

Private businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called public accommodations according to the ADA.

The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations including:
  • Stores and shops
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Service establishments
  • Theaters
  • Hotels
  • Recreation facilities
  • Private museums
  • Schools, and more

We understand the subtle as well as obvious nuances of:

ADA, ADAAG, ABA, CBC, FHA, etc. These are the organizations that regulate all aspects of the ADA – both federally & throughout California.

Typical ADA upgrades (or remediation) include but are not limited to:

ADA Compliance Team (ACT) is here to assist you in all areas, from site survey, to repairs, and through compliance construction.

Our expertise in ADA compliance and accessibility requirements takes the load off your shoulders.


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